South Cambridgeshire tree warden meets his Archers counterpart

6 December 2012

Released on 04 December 2012

A local tree warden met his counterpart from Radio 4 serial The Archers at an event which highlighted the key role wardens play in conserving and planting trees across South Cambridgeshire's 350 square miles of countryside.

Tony Broscomb from Shudy Camps met actor Terry Molloy, who plays Ambridge tree warden Mike Tucker, at a House of Lords launch for 'Friends of the Tree Council' which he attended with South Cambridgeshire District Council's tree warden coordinator, Andrew Grimmer and cabinet member in charge of planning and conservation, Cllr Nick Wright.

The event recognised the hard work of Councils and tree wardens across the country. Tony is one of 80 volunteer wardens, appointed by Parish Councils, who work with South Cambridgeshire District Council to care for and plant trees. The Council also runs innovative grant schemes to help local communities and landowners plant trees and hedges, enriching the unique rural character of the area.

The Tree Council's new 'Friends' scheme encourages people to donate regularly to help them fund tree planting in school playgrounds and public spaces, monitor the health of individual trees, act on issues of concern and support and train tree wardens.

Cllr Nick Wright said:

"It was a real pleasure to visit the House of Lords with Tony and to meet Ambridge's own tree warden. Since the Tree Council was established 40 years ago, we have worked with them and our local wardens to plant tens of thousands of trees - from woodlands to community orchards - and over 20km of hedging.

"We're very lucky to have so many dedicated volunteers who work in their local communities to help preserve and enhance the rural nature of our beautiful district and I'd like to thank them all for their valuable work."

To find out about becoming a tree warden or about the Council's tree grant schemes, contact Andrew Grimmer at South Cambridgeshire District Council on 03450 450 500 or

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