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Planning Policy Monthly Update

Planning Policy Monthly Update (April 2015)

Highlights news items relevant to planning policy at national, regional, county and local levels.

Please note that we can only be responsible for our own programmes. Information from other organisations is the latest and most up to date given to us.


Starter home planning policy initiative confirmed

In the January 2015 monthly update we mentioned that the Government were considering introducing a new Starter Homes initative and was carrying out a consultation on what changes may need to be made to the planning system to do this.  A written statement to Parliament by Brandon Lewis MP has now confirmed that this initiative is to be carried forward. 

Prospective buyers can now register their interest at Under this initiative changes have been made to the National Planning Practice Guidance  where there is now a section about Starter Homes. This establishes a new national exception site planning policy to enable starter homes to be built on under-used or unviable commercial or industrial sites not currently identified for housing, on both public and private land. As part of these arrangements local planning authorities will not be expected to seek section 106 affordable housing or tariff-style contributions for these starter homes.

Changes to permitted development rights for pubs

From 6 April 2015, in England, the nomination or listing of a pub as an asset of community value triggers the removal of the national permitted development rights for the change of use or demolition for the period of listing.

 This will mean that in future where a pub is nominated or listed as an asset of community value, a planning application will be required for the change of use or demolition of a pub. This provides an opportunity for local people to comment, and enables the local planning authority to determine the application in accordance with its local plan, any neighbourhood plan, national policy and any other material considerations. The local planning authority may take the listing into account as a material consideration when determining any planning application.

 It is anticipated that these changes will result in amendments in the on-line National Planning Practice Guidance and we will provide you with these link once they are published.  

Planning update March 2015

The Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles MP has published a written statement to Parliament setting out a series of steps the government are taking to streamline the planning system, protect the environment, support economic growth and assist locally-led decision making.

The subject matters that have been covered by this statement include the followingSolar energy – protecting the local and global environment

  • Brownfield land – increasing support for councils
  • Green Belt – protecting against inappropriate development
  • Parking – helping local shops and preventing congestion
  • Planning guidance – updates to guidance to reflect changes introduced to planning
  • Change of use – introduction of new permitted development rights
  • Zero Carbon Homes – the government has decided that small housing sites of 10 units or fewer will be exempted from the zero carbon homes standard
  • Housing standards – sets out the government’s new national planning policy on the setting of technical standards for new dwellings

 Local Plan News

Local Plan News highlights where we would like your involvement in future plan making in South Cambridgeshire and shows the progress of past consultations.


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