The Parish Planning Pack

The Parish Planning Pack provides guidance on various aspects of planning and has primarily been produced for, and in response to concerns raised by Parish Councils.

The original Pack was produced in May 2003. It has now been reviewed and updated to take account of changes in legislation and procedures. The Council welcomes any suggestions or amendments you may have on its content and usefulness.

The Pack is a collection of 14 advice notes. Each is on a different aspect of planning. Together, it is hoped they provide much of the information you need to understand and respond to planning issues.

They are intended to reflect issues in South Cambridgeshire, although much of their content can be applied to planning matters elsewhere.

It is hoped that the advice in each note is accurate. However, they are only intended as a general guide. They should not be relied upon, or taken to be a full interpretation of the law.

Why should you use it?

The Pack is intended to:

  • Provide help and information to promote a better understanding of planning issues
  • Be a self-help guide to enable easier participation and communication with the planning service.

What's in it?

The pack contains the following advice notes:

01. Land Use Planning

03. The need for planning permission

04. What's in a planning application - things you should know

05. Commenting on planning applications

06. Determining a planning application

07. Special Controls

08. Enforcement

09. Public speaking and giving evidence

10. Redress, or what to do if the planning system fails you

11. Further help and advice

12. Useful Publications

13. Frequently used terms

14. Section 106 agreements

Parish Council section 106 funding template 

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