Northstowe planning documents Phase Two


You can view all Phase 2 planning documents here including the full outline application for Phase 2 submitted in August 2014 and any further reserved matters, amendments and documents received from the Homes and Communities Agency.

Amended Plans and Additional Documents received

January 2017:

Northstowe Phase 2 - Decision Notice

November 2016:

Northstowe Phase 2 Affordable Housing amendment

May 2015:

Amended Plans

Building Heights Plan Issue C

Land Use Plan Issue C

Landscape and Open Space Plan Issue C

Additional Documents

Sports Strategy

February 2015:

Amended Plans

Plan 7_B_Density

Plan 8_B_Movement and Access

Plan 8B_B_Movement and Access

Phase 2 Application Documents

Application Form  Planning Statement

Design & Access Statement

Design & Access Statement_Part_1   Design & Access Statement_Part_2  Design & Access Statement_Part_3  Design & Access Statement_Part_4   Design & Access Statement_Part_5   Design & Access Statement_Part_6  Design & Access Statement_Part_7  Design & Access Statement_Part_8  Design & Access Statement_Part_9  Design & Access Statement_Part_10  Design & Access Statement_Part_11   Design & Access Statement_Part_12   Design & Access Statement_Part_13   Design & Access Statement_Part_14   Design & Access Statement_Part_15

Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement NTS   Environmental Statement Vol I Main Report_Part_1   Environmental Statement Vol I Main Report_Part_2  

Figures Chp 1 to 3   Figures Chp 5_Part_1   Figures Chp 5_Part_2   Figures Chp 6   Figures Chp 7_Part_1   Figures Chp 7_Part_2   Figures Chp 7_Part_3   Figures Chp 7_Part_4   Figures Chp 7_Part_5   Figures Chp 7_Part_6  Figures Chp 7_Part_7   Figures Chp 9_Part_1   Figures Chp 9_Part_2   Figures Chp 9_Part_3   Figures Chp 10_Part_1   Figures Chp 10_Part_2   Figures Chp 11  Figures Chp 14_Part_1   Figures Chp 14_Part_2   Figures Chp 14_Part_3  Figures Chp 14_Part_4 

ES Appendix A   ES Appendix B  ES Appendix C  ES Appendix D  ES Appendix E  ES Appendix F_Part_1  ES Appendix F_Part_2  ES Appendix F_Part_3  ES Appendix F_Part_4  ES Appendix F_Part_5  ES Appendix F_Part_6  ES Appendix F_Part_7  ES Appendix F_Part_8  ES Appendix F_Part_9  ES Appendix F_Part_10  ES Appendix F_Part_11  ES Appendix F_Part_12  ES Appendix G  ES Appendix H_Part_1  ES Appendix H_Part_2  ES Appendix H_Part_3  ES Appendix H_Part_4  ES Appendix H_Part_5  ES Appendix H_Part_6  ES Appendix H_Part_7  ES Appendix H_Part_8  ES Appendix H_Part_9  ES Appendix H_Part_10  ES Appendix H_Part_11  ES Appendix H_Part_12  ES Cover and TOC Appendices                    

Plans & Drawings

P1100 to P1102  P1103 to 1108  P1109 to P1110  Plans 01 to 02  Plans 03 to 04  Plans 05 to 10         

Arboricultural Survey Report:

Arboricultural Survey Report Main Devt Site_Part_1  Arboricultural Survey Report Main Devt Site_Part_2   Arboricultural Survey Report Main Devt Site_Part_3  Arboricultural Survey Report Main Devt Site_Part_4  Arboricultural Survey Report Main Devt Site_Part_5  Arboricultural Survey Report Main Devt Site_Part_6  Arboricultural Survey Report Main Devt Site_Part_7  Arboricultural Survey Report Main Devt Site_Part_8  Arboricultural Survey Report Main Devt Site_Part_9       

Arboricultural Survey Report Southern Access Road:

Arboricultural Survey Report Southern Access Road_Part_1  Arboricultural Survey Report Southern Access Road_Part_2  Arboricultural Survey Report Southern Access Road_Part_3 Arboricultural Survey Report Southern Access Road_Part_4  Arboricultural Survey Report Southern Access Road_Part_5  Arboricultural Survey Report Southern Access Road_Part_6  Arboricultural Survey Report Southern Access Road_Part_7           

Construction Environmental Management Plan:

CEMP_Part_1  CEMP_Part_2

Economic Development Strategy:

Economic Development Strategy

Energy Strategy:

Energy Strategy

Flood Risk Assessment & Drainage Strategy:

FRA & Drainage Strategy_Part_1  FRA & Drainage Strategy_Part_2   FRA & Drainage Strategy_Part_3  FRA & Drainage Strategy_Part_4  FRA_&_Drainage_Strategy_Part_5   

Framework Travel Plan:

Framework Travel Plan_Part_1  Framework Travel Plan_Part_2 (1)   Framework Travel Plan_Part_2 (2)  Framework Travel Plan_Part_2 (3)  Framework Travel Plan_Part_2 (4)   Framework Travel Plan_Part_2 (5)   Framework Travel Plan_Part_3

Geo Environmental Assessment & Remedial Strategy:

GeoEnv Interp Report_Part_1  GeoEnv Interp Report_Part_2  GeoEnv Interp Report_Part_3

Health Impact Assessment:

Health Impact Assessment

Northstowe Illustrative Masterplan:

Northstowe Illustrative Masterplan

Stakeholder & Community Engagement Report:

Stakeholder & Community Engagement Report_Part_1   Stakeholder & Community Engagement Report_Part_2  Stakeholder & Community Engagement Report_Part_3 Stakeholder & Community Engagement Report_Part_4   Stakeholder & Community Engagement Report_Part_5  Stakeholder & Community Engagement Report_Part_6    

Sustainability Statement:

Sustainability Statement

Town Centre Retail Impact Assessment:

Town Centre Retail Impact Assessment

Town Centre Strategy:

Town Centre Strategy_Part_1  Town Centre Strategy_Part_2  Town Centre Strategy_Part_3  

Transport Assessment:

Transport Assessment_Part_1   Transport Assessment_Part_2  Transport Assessment_Part_3  Transport Assessment_Part_4  Transport Assessment_Part_5  Transport Assessment_Part_6  Transport Assessment_Part_7  Transport Assessment_Part_8  Transport Assessment_Part_9     

Utilities Report:

Utilities Report

Waste Strategy:

Waste Strategy

Daylight & Sunlight Assessment, Structural Survey For Officers Mess Building:


Non Material Amendment to Parameter Plans and SARW Northstowe Phase 2 S/2435/17/NM

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