Local Housing Allowance bedroom rates

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) bedroom rates

The following tenants are NOT affected by the LHA scheme

- Registered social landlord tenancies e.g., Council or Housing Associations 
- Protected cases, such as tenancies provided by a charity or voluntary body who also provide support services
- Tenancies which are excluded from the existing rent restrictions, such as pre 1989 tenancies 
- Tenancies of caravans, houseboats, mobile homes and hostels 
- Board and lodge accommodation where The Rent Service (TRS) has decided that a substantial part of the rent is attributable to board and attendance.

NB: This is NOT a full list of all the tenancy types that are exempt from the new Local Housing Allowance scheme.

From 1st April 2012 the Rent Officer will set annual LHA rates, prior to this the levels were set each month for accommodation ranging from a shared-room rate up to and including a 4 bedroom rate in each rental area.

Housing Benefit only pays for a maximum 4 bedrooms, even if the size of your family exceeds this.

The LHA rate that applies is normally the month we receive your form. However, if your benefit is backdated or the start date of your benefit falls in a different month, that months LHA rate will apply. From 1st April 2012 the effect of this will be eliminated as the rates are set for the whole year.

LHA rate for 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018

Room rateCost per week / monthCost per week / monthCost per week / month
Shared room rate£80.52 week /£349.88 month£63.50 week/£275.92 month£72.04 week/£313.03 month
1 bedroom rate£126.05 week /£547.72 month£104.89 week/£455.77 month£126.03 week/£547.63 month
2 bedroom rate£144.96 week/ £629.89 month£126.00 week £547.50 month£155.37 week/£675.12 month
3 bedroom rate£168.45 week/£731.96 month£150.40 week/£653.52 month£192.05 week/£834.50 month
4 bedroom rate£224.70 week/£976.38 month£198.11 week/£860.84 month£245.96 week/£1,068.75 month

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