Listed building FAQs


Is it only the outside of a building that is listed?

No. All of a building is listed - inside and out as well as some fixtures and fittings.

Can I alter the inside of a Grade II Listed Building without Consent

No matter what grade the building is, if the work affects the building's character, you will need to apply for Listed Building Consent.

My house dates back to the seventeenth century - can I can remove parts that were added later without the need for consent?

No. You will usually need consent to remove later alterations.

My house is Listed, can I do anything to it at all?

The requirement for Listed Building Consent and Planning Permission is not to prevent change, but to ensure any alterations or extensions are well thought out and preserve or enhance the special historic or architectural interest of the building. Any application for works affecting a listed building must be accompanied by a Heritage Statement demonstrating that the significance of the building has been considered.

Are buildings in the grounds listed too?

Buildings and structures that are attached to the listed building or built before 1948 are treated as listed.

Can I build what I want in the grounds of my listed building?

New developments will generally need planning permission. Listed building consent will also be required if the development is attached to the listed building. The impact on the character, appearance and setting of the listed building will be taken into account when deciding whether to give approval.

What sort of consents do I need?

Alterations and extensions to listed buildings require listed building consent but some may also need planning permission. New developments in the grounds of listed buildings generally require planning permission. There is not one simple answer and it is recommended that advice is sought.

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