Landscape and design FAQs


Does the Landscape Team carry out design work?

To a very limited extent - where design work would assist in explaining detailed planning advice, for example. The landscape Service works along side the Urban Design Service who can also offer design advice.

Does the Landscape Team deal with tree issues?

Yes, but most trees are the responsibility of the individual owner, the local Parish Council, landlords or developers. We can advise on design or planning issues affecting trees.

Who is responsible for parks, playgrounds, sports facilities and open spaces?

South Cambridgeshire is still a largely rural Borough, and historically, most local open spaces will be the responsibility of the Parish Council.

However, with increased development, the provision of larger open spaces is becoming more common. These spaces are normally managed by interested outside bodies and trusts, sometimes set up specifically for the management of the individual space.

Who is responsible for wildlife, biodiversity or ecology issues?

The Landscape Team work closely with the Council's Ecology Officer on these issues

Who is responsible for sustainability or issues relating to climate change?

The Council's Landscape Team is committed to the growth of sustainable landscapes and development, which can assist in reducing the effects of climate change.

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