Inspection request

Once you have sent us your Building Regulation application and received our acknowledgement of its deposit, you are legally allowed to commence work on site.

Request an Inspection

You or your builder must contact us to inform us of the Commencement of works and to request an inspection. Further inspections of the work throughout the project are usually necessary including at completion. Please be aware it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure these inspections are requested.

  • To request an inspection at any stage of the project please telephone our Inspection Hotline: 03450 450 062 or complete on our online inspection request form
  • If you wish us to attend site the same day, please ensure you notify us before 10.00am and we will try to meet your request.
  • Please note inspections will generally be carried between 12:00 and 15:00.

Please have the following details to hand when making a request:

  • The Building Regulation reference number (which you will find on all correspondence from Building Control)
  • The location of the work
  • The stage of work for inspection of work for inspection that is required
  • Your contact name and telephone number
  • Details of any special arrangements for access to the site

When should you notify us?

To enable us to inspect your project and to avoid alterations to completed work, you should notify Building Control at each of the following stages of work, as appropriate:

  • Commencement - Minimum of two working days before
  • Excavation for foundations - Minimum of one working day before covering
  • Damp proof courses - Minimum of one working day before covering
  • Oversite Preparation - Minimum of one working day before covering
  • Laying of drains - Minimum of one working day before covering
  • Covering of a drain - Within five working days after
  • Occupation of all or part of a building - Minimum of five working days before
  • Completion - Within five working days after

NB. Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, Good Friday, Christmas day or other Bank and Public Holidays.

The different stages of work for which you will actually need to contact us, can be discussed and agreed at the Commencement stage, as some of the work stages listed above may not be relevant to your project. If in doubt, please contact us online or by telephone on 01480 388 240.

Please note: Once a satisfactory Completion inspection of the work has been carried out, Building Control normally issues a Certificate of Completion. The certificate should be retained with other legal documents relating to your property, for future reference. Failure to notify Building Control of the Commencement, Completion or other relevant stages of the work may delay, or even prevent us from issuing the Certificate.

Contact Details

01480 388240

South Cambridgeshire District Council office

01223 457118

Cambridge City Council office