Housing Benefit and temporary absence from home

From 28 July 2016 the Housing Benefit Regulations are changing.

What is changing?

When a person is temporarily absent from their home for 4 weeks or more and they are going outside of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) they will not be entitled to Housing Benefit while they are away.

Who does this effect?

This applies to claimants and members of their family who are temporarily absent from home and they go outside of Great Britain.

Are there any exceptions?


If you are away due to the death of a close family member there is a discretion to extend by a further 4 weeks.

In specific circumstances, such as getting medically approved care, fleeing violence and  hospitalisation the maximum period is 26 weeks. 

The maximum period of 26 weeks also applies to HM Forces, Mariners and continental shelf workers who are away for work.

For more advice please contact the Benefit section.

You must inform the Benefit team at the Council if you are going to be absent from home for more than 2 weeks.

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