House Flies

Since 31 August 2013 the Council has ceased to offer a pest control service to residents. This information page is a guidance for residents.

What do they look like?

Adult houseflies are 8-12mm in length with a grey body (Thorax) with four longitudinal lines on the back. They have a pair of wings which make quick movements to position them.

How do I spot them?

House flies are extremely common in this country, especially in urban and residential areas. They often feed on human food sources so frequently venture into domestic locations.

How do they affect me?

Although unable to cause direct harm to humans, Houseflies are a transmitter of disease which is carried on their hair and mouth parts. Houseflies are known to carry bacterial diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera, and E-coli. They can also carry parasitic diseases and viruses.

How do I control them?

Outbreaks of Houseflies in domestic areas can be reduced by storing food in refrigerators or cupboards and thoroughly covering all remaining food items. Insect repellent can be used so long as relevant instructions are followed carefully.

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