The Council's role in health and safety

Our aims and objectives are to ensure, through education and enforcement, that employers ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees by providing safe working conditions and giving adequate training in safe working practices to minimise the risk of illness or injury.

We also are concerned with protecting the health and safety of people such as customers in a shop or guests at a hotel who may be affected by work activities.

We are entirely impartial and work with employers and employees with the aim of securing satisfactory standards.

Our work involves:

  • Providing advice and information, free of charge.
  • Inspection of workplaces.
  • Investigation of accidents, dangerous occurrences or outbreaks of industrial disease.
  • Enforcement of the standards required by law, usually by advice, by legal notice, where appropriate and if absolutely necessary by prosecution.

We always try to ensure that our requirements are proportionate to the degree of risk to health or safety. We are approachable, take account of representations made to us and listen and respond to anyone who is not satisfied with our actions, policies or decisions.

Inspectors have the right to enter work premises at any reasonable time. Where he/she has reason to believe that danger exists entry may be gained at any time.

Inspectors do not normally make appointments and will usually visit without advance notice. A programme of inspection is operated based on a nationally agreed priority rating scheme. South Cambs DC seeks to inspect all premises on its register at least once in every 6 years. Those premises where the greatest level of risk exists should expect to receive a visit at 18 month intervals.

South Cambridgeshire District Council is the responsible authority at all workplaces where the following are the workplaces' main activity:-

  • Sale or storage of goods for wholesale or retail distribution including exhibitions.
  • Offices
  • Catering services
  • Provision of residential accommodation.
  • Consumer services
  • Cleaning in coin operated launderettes
  • Baths, beauty treatments, massage parlours etc.
  • Arts, sports, games, entertainment and leisure.
  • Hire of boats
  • Care, treatment and accommodation of animals or birds.
  • Funeral undertakers
  • Churches and places of worship.
  • Children, nurseries and play groups.

Health & Safety Executive

For all other forms of work activity the Health & Safety Executive are the relevant enforcement agency. For more information click on the link below or contact their local offices at:-

Health & Safety Executive
Manton Lane
Manton Ind Estate
MK41 7LW
Tel: (01234) 220633

Health and Safety Training

South Cambridgeshire District Council no longer provides health and safety training courses.


Cooling Towers

All premises where cooling towers and evaporative condensers are situated must register with the local authority under The Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations 1992.

The company needs to provide to the local authority details of where the notifiable plant is located, the person in control of the premises, the number of devices at the premise and their approximate location.

The purpose of this is to prevent or control the spread of legionellosis (including Legionnaires disease).

South Cambridgeshire District Council maintains a register of Cooling Towers in the district which is viewable at our headquarters in Cambourne.

Please contact the environmental health service for more information.

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