Cottenham village design statement

Cottenham Village Design Statement SPD - adopted November 2007

What are SPDs?

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) are intended to expand upon policy or provide further detail to policies in adopted Development Plan Documents (DPDs). When adopted, SPDs form part of the Local Development Framework but do not have development plan status and are not subject to independent examination.

What is the Cottenham Village Design Statement SPD?

The Cottenham Village Design Statement SPD was produced by the Cottenham Village Design Group and describes Cottenham at particular points in time and highlights the qualities valued by its residents. The document supports the Development Control Policies Development Plan Document (DPD).

South Cambridgeshire District Council adopted the original design statement in 1994 as Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) to the 1993 Local Plan. Since that time both the village and planning legislation have evolved, and therefore the 1994 version has been thoroughly reviewed and brought up to date by the new SPD.

Latest News on the Cottenham Village Design Statement SPD

The Council and the Cottenham Village Design Group adopted the Cottenham Village Design Statement SPD on 14 November 2007.
The adopted SPD takes into account any representations received during the six-week period of public consultation undertaken in July/August 2007.

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