Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas are defined as 'areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance'.

If your property is within a Conservation Area you may need Planning Permission for some works which would otherwise not need permission. This may include demolition of buildings and boundary walls, and alterations or additions such as side extensions and satellite dishes. Please seek advice from the Duty Planner.

You can check if your property is in a Conservation Area using the planning search map.

We have 85 Conservation Areas. The Conservation Areas Schedule details which parishes have Conservation Areas and gives some basic information about them. Maps of some of the Conservation Areas are included in the Adopted Proposals Map which is split into areas and villages.


Conservation Area Appraisals describe the character and significance of Conservation Areas, and give recommendations for their conservation and enhancement. Fifteen have been completed to date. There is a programme for producing Appraisals for the District's Conservation Areas. Appraisals take a substantial amount of resources and time, so progress is gradual and the programme will take a number of years to complete. Parishes may want to consider whether they could sponsor an Appraisal.

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