Housing Complaints and Compliments

Why complain?

Whilst we try our best to deliver first class customer service at all times, we recognise that sometimes we don’t perform as well as we could. If this is the case, please let us know so we can put it right and learn from our mistakes.

You should complain if:

  • you are unhappy about how your enquiry was dealt with
  • you are unhappy with how an officer has treated you
  • you are unhappy with our standard of service

How to complain:

  • you can email or write to us. This is the preferred method as it means that you can include as much detail as you feel is necessary
  • you can fill in the online contact us form.
  • you can fill in a form at reception at the Cambourne offices
  • via the telephone 03450 450 051 (although it is easier to record information more accurately if your complaint is in writing)

What happens when you complain?

  • we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days
  • your complaint will be passed to the appropriate service manager who will contact you within ten working days
  • if the investigation into your complaint will not be completed within ten working days, then you will be contacted and informed of the progress and expected timescales
  • if we have made a mistake, you will receive an apology
  • if we were at fault, you will be told what measures are being taken to put things right

Handling of Customer Complaints Comments and Compliments June 2014

The complaints process:

Stage one

We hope to resolve your initial complaint at the first stage of the process. The service manager from the relevant area will handle the investigation and work hard to resolve the issue promptly.

Unfortunately, there are some things that we cannot change. We may be legally restricted or the issue may involve other organisations. In these cases, we will explain the situation to you and give you an alternative point of contact.

Stage two

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint then you can request that the complaint be passed to the Head of Service. In this case, you will receive a response within twenty working days of your request being received.

Designated Persons

At any stage during your complaint you can ask for a designated persons assistance to help resolve your complaint with the Housing Service. They can try and assist you in resolving the complaint or they can refer the complaint straight to the Housing Ombudsman.

The introduction of designated persons is intended to involve local politicians and local people in resolving local housing issues.

The designated persons are defined as:

  • an MP
  • a local councillor for the district in which the complainant’s home is located
  • a designated tenant panel

Stage three

If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome then you can complain directly to the Housing Ombudsman. The Ombudsman investigates complaints made regarding injustices which arise following poor administration by local authorities.

The Housing Ombudsman Service can be contacted as follows:

Housing Ombudsman Service
81 Aldwych

Phone: 0300 111 3000

Web: http://www.housing-ombudsman.org.uk

Email: info@ housing-ombudsman.org.uk

Please note: Complaints to the Ombudsman do not have to be referred by a designated person, but if they are not there must be at least 8 weeks from the end of our complaint process before the Ombudsman can consider the case.

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