Carol singing licences

What is this licence for?

This licence is to do house-to-house collection only, if a street collection permit is required, you will be required to complete the appropriate application form available from the council.

How long does this licence last?

These licences are seasonal and usually requested during October to December each year.

What is the charge for this licence?

There is no fee for this licence.

How to apply?

Two weeks notice must be given of any collection, to enable the council to do relevant police checks.

Application Criteria

  • No person under the age of 18 years old can hold a licence; an authorised adult should suitably supervise any collectors under that age.
  • All collectors should be considerate in their conduct and have regard for safety aspects.
  • Where juveniles are concerned an adult should accompany them at all times.
  • A return will be required by the Council in respect of monies collected for this purpose.

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