Call for low energy homeowners

3 May 2017

South Cambridgeshire District Council is looking for local people who are happy to open their low energy homes to the public and to share their experiences making them warmer, cheaper and greener to run.

A series of eco-home open days are in the planning for residents interested in making energy saving improvements to their homes and the Council is on the hunt for home owners to take part.

Open days are designed to bring together people who have made eco-friendly improvements to share their experiences, both good and bad, and to give impartial advice about the pros and cons of renewable energy technologies, insulation measures and heating systems.

Homeowners in Girton, Stapleford, Coton and Grantchester have already opened their homes to the public to share their experiences and the Council’s Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership is hosting a workshop to see if it can get open eco homes running in many more villages.

At the workshop, Tom Bragg of Cambridge Carbon Footprint, will explain how an open eco homes event works, including different approaches such as drop-ins, booked visits and tours, and a local homeowner will talk about what it’s like to open your home to the public.

This workshop is aimed at people living in a low energy/low carbon home in South Cambridgeshire who enjoy sharing their enthusiasm about it and might be willing to open their home to the public. 

Gemma Barron, Head of Sustainable Communities and Wellbeing, said: “Open eco homes is very much like open gardens, but for people who are passionate about making their homes eco-friendly. We are running the event with our Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership to help volunteers set up a series of events in South Cambridgeshire. If you are interested in low and renewable energy homes, and would like to help get an event going in your area, please come along to the workshop.”

The workshop is free and will take place from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesday 9 May at South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Cambourne offices. For more information or to book your place visit or call project officer Siobhan Mellon on 01954 713395.