Businesses in the area

Nokia Research Centre

NRC Cambridge UK develops nanotechnologies for mobile communication and ambient intelligence. Studying physical, chemical and biological phenomena and manipulation of matter at the nanoscale enables generation of knowledge for enhancing human capabilities.
Proximity to and association with the knowledge base of the University was the primary driver in establishing South Cambridgeshire as one of Nokia’s global network of research locations.


A global leader in specialist business software and services. The firm needed a strong presence in Cambridge and was attracted to Cambourne because of the 'open' B1 office use. The quality of the architect designed 43,000 sq ft building, the convenient location and generous car parking provision were the deciding factors in the move to Cambourne.


The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is one of the world's leading genome centres. Through its ability to conduct research at scale, it is able to engage in bold and long-term exploratory projects that are designed to influence and empower medical science globally. Institute research findings, generated through its own research programmes and through its leading role in international consortia, are being used to develop new diagnostics and treatments for human disease.



MedImmune is one of the world’s leading Biotechnology companies working on research and development through state of the art manufacturing to product commercialisation. Established as the global biologics business for AstraZeneca in 2007 the company strives to address unmet medical needs by developing novel proprietary products and cutting-edge technologies.


The Welding Institute (TWI)

TWI is one of the world's foremost independent research and technology organisations. With headquarters six miles south of Cambridge in the heart of South Cambridgeshire since 1946, and with facilities across the UK and around the world, the organisation has a long history of invention, innovation and knowledge transfer.


Babraham Institute

Based at the Babraham Research Campus and utilising strategic funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), the Babraham Institute undertakes international quality life sciences research to generate new knowledge of biological mechanisms underpinning ageing, development and the maintenance of health.


Marshall Group

Founded in 1909; the Marshall Group operates on a national and international scale across its motor vehicle sales, aerospace engineering, specialist vehicle and military building interests. Headquartered on an 800 acre site in South Cambridgeshire, the company has an annual turnover approaching one billion pounds and employs over 4,000 people.

Viridian Solar

Viridian Solar produces roof-integrated solar heating panels. With a focus on the needs of the construction industry, Viridian Solar’s products install neatly and simply, with excellent looks.  Viridian Solar was the first company to test its solar panels as a construction product, achieving the first ever British Board of Agrément certification to demonstrate the roof weather tightness, durability, wind resistance and fire safety of the installed product.


Dry Drayton Estate Ltd

Family-owned Dry Drayton Estate Ltd runs a diverse agriculture and property business just five miles west of Cambridge city centre. Set in rural South Cambridgeshire, the Estate enjoys excellent access to major trunk routes. 


The Technology Partnership

TTP has become Europe’s leading independent product development company by providing a unique and powerful combination of three capabilities. Firstly, deep knowledge of current advances in technology. Secondly, a thorough understanding of the commercial implications of its exploitation for client businesses and thirdly, the engineering and project management skills to develop and deliver new products. 



Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) leads the world in the research, development and commercialization of light emitting polymer (PLED) and dendrimer technologies for flat panel displays, lighting, sensors and photovoltaics. 

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