Building Regulations charges

3C Shared Services charges

South Cambridgeshire District Council, Huntingdonshire District Council and Cambridge City Council have agreed to work in partnership and provide their building control services jointly, under the name 3C Shared Services.

The shared service has agreed  a set of Building Regulations and charges and fees PDF icon 

Please note some supplementary charges are now made for additional administrative work, such as letters for solicitors and searches.

Full Plans Application

The Plan charge must accompany the application form and construction plans at the time of submission. The Inspection charge will be invoiced after commencement of the work. Only one inspection charge is made in respect of all site inspections.

Building Notice

The Building Notice charge must be paid at the time the Building Notice and site location plan are submitted. This charge is the sum of the Plan charge and Inspection charge plus 10% to allow for additional inspections.

Regularisation Application

(where unauthorised works exist)

The Regularisation charge must be paid at the time the Regularisation Application is made and is equal to 120% of the equivalent Building Notice charge. Please note, however, that no VAT is payable in respect of a Regularisation Application.

Some Building Regulation applications, solely for providing facilities for disabled people in dwellings or in public buildings, may not attract a charge. Please note that strict rules govern this and not all work for disabled people falls within this exemption. If you think your application is exempt from charges please contact Building Control directly to discuss your project.

This leaflet provides guidance to the Council's Scheme of Charges in accordance with the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010. In the event of a dispute arising of the charge for certain building work, the Scheme in force at the time should be used to determine the Charge.

Charges are not normally refundable. Serious consideration should therefore be given before depositing a Building Notice or Regularisation Application where all charges are due at the time of the submission. In some circumstances charges may be paid by instalments, if agreed with Building Control in advance. Additionally a reduction of the Plan Charge may be available in respect of multiple applications that include repeat building types, please contact us to discuss the appropriate charges.

Note: "Floor area" is the internal area bounded by the enclosing walls or the outermost edge of the floor, as appropriate.

Table to calculate the building regulation charge?

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