Building Control - stages of inspection

  • Below is a list of the different stages of work which should be notified to Building Control for subsequent inspection on site.
  • Please note that notification of Commencement and Completion (Stages 1 and 2) is always necessary.
  • Other stages of work should also be notified for inspection where appropriate or as agreed with Building Control.


Start of building work on the project or, for example, demolition of part of an existing property, site stripping, trial/exploratory works or 'setting out', with a view to beginning the building work thereafter.


When building work has been done on the project and prior to the building or part being occupied. The completed work should include all drainage, kitchen and bathroom fittings and exit signage, as appropriate but does not need to include decorations, furniture etc.

Damp-proof Courses

When dpc materials are to be placed to walls and/or floors, (includes damp proof membranes for floors) before being covered up.


When drainage pipes and/or fittings for either surface, foul, combined or 'grey' water drains are being laid and before before being covered over (e.g. 'Soakaways', storm drains, foul drains, Manholes and Inspection Chambers)

Drainage Test

This is the testing of any drainage after it has been inspected and covered over and/or upon the completion work.


Any excavation,or work which relates to a future foundation for any part of a building, before it is concreted (e.g. trenches, bases, or other earth works for foundations, or reinforcement work, piling and other special foundation preparations)

Brickwork on Foundations

When foundation concrete has been placed into the approved excavations, "raft," piling or when other approved foundation preparations, have been cast.


Inspection of works to date, prior to moving into or before recommencing use of the building or part of the building.


Preparation of the area underneath the building floor, prior to concreting or covering over (e.g. 'hardcore', 'DPM', and/or floor insulation or subsoil under beam and block floors).


All structural and non-structural walls, floors and roofs, and any associated insulation, prior to being covered by plaster/plaster boarding or other linings.


All other inspections not listed above including general inspections of progress, requests for meetings on site to discuss problems or amendments of the proposals, re-starting of work following temporary halt or next phase of work, pre-commencement inspections or exploratory works and post completion queries.

In addition the following may be notified to Building Control for inspection and investigation:

Unauthorised work

Work which is thought to be in progress or finished, without Building Regulation Certification.

Dangerous Buildings/Structures

Any part of a building or any other structure, which is considered to present a danger to any person in or around it.


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