Guidance for individual property addresses

Where an existing numbering structure exists

Individual new properties will be addressed according to the pre-existing numbering scheme on their street, and where possible will be given a number which follows on from the previous property. In some cases this will require a suffix of the adjacent number (for instance 3a). We are required to give all new properties a number.

Where an existing numbering structure does not exist

If the existing surrounding properties do not have numbers, the developer may submit a house name for approval. 

This will be checked to ensure it does not conflict with any other names in the neighbourhood and that it complies with the address management policy - see section 2.3.

Please note charges may apply for these requests/amendments.

You can also fill in our online application form if you would like to apply for a street naming and numbering service.

Guidance for property developers

To enable us to process applications as efficiently as possible, developers should submit a:

  • Completed application form 
  • Site layout plan (plans should be the latest approved under planning for the

    new property and should clearly show the primary access point to the property from the highway)

When we have received your application and the site layout plan, we will do the following:

  • Contact the developer to arrange payment for street naming and numbering services
  • Assign an appropriate street number to the property
  • Notify interested parties of the new address, including our departments and Royal Mail
  • Confirm official new address to the developer

Please note:

  • Developers should ensure that they have the necessary planning permission before applying
  • Property addresses cannot be released until the foundations of buildings on the site are in place
  • Developers of individual new properties may submit a naming proposal for the new address. However, in the vast majority of cases a number will be assigned to the new property and will act as the official identifier. Names may only be used in addition to an officially assigned number and are not considered a replacement