Add your bin collection dates to your calendar

You can now add your bin collection dates to your calendar by clicking on “add to my calendar” above the bin dates for your house.

To do this you have to use our find your bin collection day page enter your postcode and click on your address. Alternatively if you do not know your postcode then please enter your house number, street and village name. 

Once you are seeing your bin collection dates you then need to select “add to my calendar” this is the blue button to the right of the ‘print these dates’ button.

You will get a pop up appear after you have selected ‘add to my calendar’ you just need to select ‘add all’ depending on your device the wording that is there the may be different. It might be that you just need to press ‘ok’.

If you wish to set a reminder, so the night before it reminds you of your bin collection day, you can do this yourself by going to into your calendar and setting up reminders for the event.

Once you have downloaded the dates to your calendar, they will automatically get  updated meaning you have only got to add them to your calendar once.

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