Thermal Imaging Camera

Due to our offices being closed to the public, we have temporarily suspended this service for the foreseeable future. For tips on improving your home energy efficiency, please visit Open Eco Homes's website where you can book onto free online events.

To make your home energy efficient, it helps to understand where the heat is escaping. This is where our thermal imaging project comes in useful. 

Thermal imaging is a fun and not-too difficult way to see where heat is leaking out from buildings. If you are resident in South Cambridgeshire you can borrow a thermal imaging camera and look at your home and other buildings to identify gaps in insulation, draughts and heating problems which are usually invisible.  

Cameras can be borrowed during the colder months. You'll need to collect and return the camera from Reception at the Council offices, South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne Business Park, CB23 6EA.  Please bring photo ID and proof of address. Borrowing a camera is free of charge - we simply ask you to fill in a brief feedback form so we can see the kind of issues being identified.

Do residents using the camera need any prior experience or knowledge?

No – the camera has lots of features and the more technically minded you are, the more you will be able to take advantage of these features.  However, the camera can be used in a very basic fashion to give useful information, and this can be picked up quickly.   

How cold does it need to be for the camera to work?

The camera can usually be used between around mid October and the end of March. There needs to be around 10 degrees difference in temperature between the outside and the inside for the camera to show heat loss effectively. If the weather is mild the camera can still be used so long as the heating is put up very high and turned on for several hours before surveying.

Who is responsible if the camera gets damaged or goes missing?

You are responsible for the camera and its accessories whilst it is on loan to you. We expect you to use it with care and take necessary precautions to avoid loss or damage.

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