Government schemes to settle Ukrainian refugees

Please always check the Government’s website for the latest UK visa support for Ukrainian nationals.

You may also find the resources of Ukrainian Institute London useful. 

Government schemes to settle refugees from Ukraine 

  1. The Ukraine Family scheme. Ukrainian nationals and their families who are fleeing Ukraine and have a family connection in the UK can apply. The Government has made it easier to 'sponsor' family members to bring them from Ukraine to the UK. It will not cost anything to sponsor family members; it doesn’t matter how much the sponsor or guest earns; family members don’t have to show they can speak English; and family members don’t have to get a medical test to show they don’t have Tuberculosis (TB). Citizens Advice has some useful guidance. If the host family is able to provide accommodation, that can be done. If not, guests can approach the Council for support
  2. The Homes for Ukraine scheme. Ukrainians who are fleeing Ukraine but don’t have a family connection in the UK can be sponsored. To be confirmed as a sponsor you must be based in the UK; with at least six months permission to be in the UK. You can be of any nationality. The expectation from Government is that the sponsor would be able to provide accommodation, free of charge, to the specific named Ukrainian individual/family for at least six months. Sponsors can apply through the Homes for Ukraine scheme here. Charities such as Reset and Cambridge4Ukraine are helping to match sponsors with those fleeing Ukraine. For those leaving Ukraine, it is free to apply for this visa and applicants do not need to pay the immigration health surcharge or biometric enrolment fee for this scheme. Ukrainians can stay in the UK for up to three years. For further information please visit the Government’s Frequently Asked Questions. Hosts are expected to stay in touch with their guests prior to arrival, help them travel to the accommodation if needed, and to signpost them to essential services such as registering with a GP or finding a school place (further information below). 
  3. Ukrainians already in the UK are also able to extend their visa to stay. From 3 May 2022, you will be able to apply to the Ukraine Extension Scheme if you’re a Ukrainian national who had permission to stay in the UK on or before 18 March 2022. Your partner and children can also apply if they’re already in the UK as your ‘dependents’. If you previously had permission to stay in the UK but it has expired since 1 January 2022, you’ll also be eligible to apply. Other options are available, depending on what kind of visa you have.
  4. There will also be Ukrainians who arrive independently, who will then require solutions/support on arrival. And there will be UK nationals who have been ordinarily resident in the Ukraine and are now returning to the UK (but have no recourse to public funds/fail habitual residency test when they return to the UK). 

The Government has also put in place support for people fleeing Ukraine and entering the UK with their pets. Find full details including information about licences and which pets do or don't need to go into quarantine.

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