Let's Get South Cambridgeshire Active Grant

As part of the Healthy You Programme we want to reach out to the community to encourage independent physical activity instructors to apply for small grants. This will help fund new health and wellbeing activities or enhance existing activities in South Cambridgeshire. 

Please note, applications for this grant are now closed. You can still join classes, and these can be found under the list of successful applicants.

What is the aim of this funding?

As part of the delivery of Healthy You, we want to help stimulate physical activity programmes across South Cambridgeshire's villages and communities, for all age groups and genders. Physical activity is not only good for physical health, but mental health too. It’s known to be a protective factor against many common lifestyle-related illnesses, for example: depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, many types of cancer and dementia.

We want to engage with the communities to encourage independent physical activity instructors to use the small grants to help seed fund new or enhance existing health and wellbeing activities in South Cambridgeshire.

List of successful applicants in 2022/23

  • Beyfit - fitness classes in Orwell
  • Laban dance class, and a dance class for people with Parkinson's in Harston
  • Dance inspirations - dance and fitness classes in Cambourne (including classes for Ukrainian families and chair-based activities)
  • Strength and balance class in Girton
  • Jazzercise Cambourne - Jazzercise class 
  • Yogamode - Yoga class in Balsham
  • Weight Management programme in Waterbeach
  • Fitsteps - Dance fitness in Stapleford
  • Yoga with Jess in Swavesey, Boxworth and Fen Drayton
  • Yoga with Andrea Hill - back and stress specific in Duxford
  • Aerobics class with Disa Bennett - Abington
  • Low impact mobility class with nutritional advice - Milton and Orchard Park 
  • Zumba class and a Line Dancing class by Joanne Kinser - Cottenham
  • Yoga with Jess - Girton
  • Easepilates Pilates class with Jane Mansley - Girton
  • Boot camp style 10 week fitness programme (starting 14 April) - Gamlingay Leisure
  • EmilyDoesZumba Zumba class in Cambourne

For more information, please contact Ben.Truett@scambs.gov.uk