Community-led housing

What is community-led housing?

Community-led housing is a way for local people to deliver good quality and affordable homes that meet their community’s needs. It is mainly aimed at providing homes for local people who are struggling to afford house prices in their area and ensuring the homes remain affordable in perpetuity. It gives communities more control and a chance to talk about their needs.

A bit of background

We have just embarked on a year-long initiative to encourage and support community-led housing projects in South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City. In conjunction with technical advisers at CLT East we are offering expert guidance and technical support for potential community-led housing groups to bring forward affordable housing. We are also providing the funding required to really get projects off the ground.

What do we get?

The Community-Led Housing Grant was launched by the Council on September 12th 2017. Groups with an interest in developing their own affordable housing for the community can apply for up to £4,500 in grant funding to cover all their start-up costs.

If you are unsure whether this is the right approach for your community, CLT East can organise a free ‘introduction to community-led housing’ meeting for your group. Prior to submitting your application, your group can also undertake a free scoping exercise with technical advisers from CLT East. They will produce a report detailing your ideas, ambitions, opportunities and give recommendations for your group. The report will support your application for funding.


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