Waterbeach New Town Community Forum: 21 June 2018

This Waterbeach New Town Community Forum meeting took place on 21 June 2018.


1) Cambridgeshire County Council - Greenways Project

2) Urban and Civic - Update on amendments

3) Waterbeach Parish Council - Parish Viewpoint

4) RLW Estates - Update on planning applications

Cllr Bradnam introduced the forum, reiterating that it was a two way forum open to all, including residents from neighbouring villages as well as Waterbeach. It was suggested that the name of the forum may discourage people from outside of the village from attending and that the name of the forum should be changed to Waterbeach New Town Forum.

Greenways Project

Mike Davies, Team Leader- Cycling Projects at Cambridgeshire County Council gave a presentation on the Greenways Project. In March 2017, the Greater Cambridge Partnership approved £480,000 to develop twelve routes for cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians.

Routes have been plotted and consultation events taken place regarding the Cambridge to Waterbeach route. The A10 route although very direct was not considered safe, the river route is liked, however, feedback suggest that people do not want this widened or street lights added as they like the route as currently is. The new route proposed along the railway line is the preferred route. This route will interface with the new developments, rowing lakes and proposed A14 underpass.

There will be a further public consultation on the route in September and continued engagement with land owners. In addition the benefits for the existing population as well as the new populations need to be demonstrated.

Issues raised from the floor included, gritting/snow, litter, safety for cyclists, timings, segregation of pedestrians and cyclists, feasibility if developments don’t happen, likely support from the Mayor.

Urban and Civic

The original application was submitted in February 2017 and since that time U & C has been working to address the issues raised during the consultation. Comments have been analysed, working with the County to find deliverable solutions.

They are working towards taking this to planning committee in September. Points covered included, location of first homes and primary school in North West of the site, transport including additional cycleways, rail & road improvements, extending the Park and Ride bus with temporary hard standing, improved frequency of the Whippet 196 through subsidy and improvements to the A14 junction.

Issues from the floor included:

  • A10 cycle way improvements, health facilities, there needs to be something in place from day one. Urban and Civic understand the pressure on the existing facility and a temporary solution will likely be in place initially.
  • How and when will the RLW and Urban and Civic developments join up? The Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) will set out the requirements for the overall development. This is in the final stages of drafting. Some consultation has already taken place.
  • When will the A10 improvements happen? The village would like to meet with both developers to discuss and join up travel plans. There is concern around the impact of new facilities on existing facilities and the impact of the local plan if it’s not adopted before September.

Waterbeach Parish Council

They support the SPD process, however, feel that not enough account is being taken of the existing village. They believe the relocation of the railway station is premature and they do not support the proposed access at Cody Road for cars.

The parish considers that the two developments together result in over development that will be overbearing on the village, and will have a big impact on the landscape, not in keeping with the traditions of Fen Towns. They would like to see infrastructure in place at an early stage and request to be involved with S106 discussions.

They would like to be listened to, involved in S106 discussions, see the draft SPD and be able to contribute to it and request the reinstatement of the bi-monthly parish liaison meetings.

Discussion took place around the name for the new town. There were a variety of opinions and it was agreed that this needs further conversation.

RLW Estates

RLW Estates are developing 500 acres to the east of the barracks site. This will consist of up to 4,500 houses and facilities and a new station. These will be in blocks of 200/300 houses, known as Fensteads which will have their own character. There will be sociable streets, not anti car but reprioritising space for people.

RLW support the ‘greenways’ and other cycle networks, rail improvements via the relocation of the station by 2021 (subject to planning), improvements to the A10.

The outline application consultation is open until 25 July. South Cambridgeshire District Council are holding 2 consultations events on the 27 and 30 June.

Issues from the floor:

  • Concern raised regarding safety concerns with using the proposed multi storey carparks.
  • Access to the station should be via a new road across Urban and Civic land. A10 access should be provided early, first houses will be occupied at a similar time to the new station opening (subject to planning).
  • RLW Estates agreed to take transport analysis to the parish council regarding the railway station relocation. It was also suggested that Network Rail be invited to a forum in the future.
  • It was noted that the SPD is in the final stages of drafting after which there would be a 6-week public consultation, but if possible, this will be shared with the parish council in advance.

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