Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

  • To oversee and monitor the planning and development in the Waterbeach area.
  • To provide regular, accurate and timely information and advice to residents about progress on development within the Waterbeach area.
  • To provide residents with opportunities to raise issues about and propose ideas to improve the quality of life and the environment in the Waterbeach area.
  • To monitor progress on all aspects of the development and building process that have an impact on the quality of community life and to make representations to the relevant bodies on concerns that cannot be resolved locally and through negotiation.
  • To consider and make recommendations to the relevant statutory bodies on governance issues and arrangements.
  • To provide opportunities for residents to be consulted and involved in the planning, design and management of community facilities and services.
  • To seek opportunities to work with local businesses/employers to develop training and employment opportunities for residents and to enhance the economic wellbeing of the area.
  • To act as local champions for sustainable development and to seek opportunities to promote actions and initiatives that demonstrate innovation and good practice.
  • To celebrate successes and promote the Waterbeach area as a good place to live.
  • To liaise with developers and house-builders over progress and the resolution of problems that impact on the quality of life in Waterbeach resulting from proposed or planned development.

Structure and Management

  • Core Members – Elected representatives from Cambridgeshire County Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council, Waterbeach, Landbeach, Milton, Horningsea and Fen Ditton Parish Councils and the public.
  • Circulation list to be developed based on registered forum attendees and any others wishing to be kept informed.
  • Chair – An elected member of South Cambridgeshire District Council
  • Lead Planning Officer - South Cambridgeshire District Council
  • Lead Sustainable Communities and Wellbeing Officer
  • Officers in attendance: New Communities, Sustainable Communities and Wellbeing, Planning and County Council
  • Status of Forum – Informal reference group (with terms of reference but not constituted)
  • Frequency of Meetings – one per quarter/ four per annum – open to public
  • Management of Meetings – Where possible, to be held in Waterbeach parish   Could include public open forum/progress reports/ consultation on key issues and plans/formal/informal sessions to include workshops/seminars/thematic/problem solving sessions.
  • Communications before and after meetings – Minutes/blog notes/newsletters. Agenda planning with lead officers for New Communities and Sustainable Communities and Wellbeing.
  • Contact through Waterbeach.community@scambs.gov.uk

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