A14 bypass: Opens Monday 9 December 2019

The opening of the bypass, and subsequent change of the A14 to become a local road, requires renumbering of the A14 junctions in this area. The new junction numbers are shown in the image below. The junction after Bar Hill is Girton, which retains its current junction number of 31. The existing A14 between Spittals and Girton will lose its junction numbers.

An annotated map showing the junction in the new A14 bypass.

Access to Huntingdon

The existing A14 will be permanently closed between Godmanchester and Spittals once the new bypass has opened. The weight limit in Godmanchester and Huntingdon will remain in place. Until the new roads have been completed, lorry access to Huntingdon will be from Spittals and the A141.

Junction 21: New Ellington

Drivers can join the A14 westbound and leave the A14 eastbound. For other A14 movements, drivers must use Brampton Hut roundabout. The other slip roads are for emergency use only.


Junction 22: Brampton Interchange

Drivers can leave the westbound A14 to join the northbound A1 or join the eastbound A14 from the southbound A1.


Junction 23: Godmanchester and A1198

Drivers can leave the eastbound A14 to join the A1198 or join the westbound A14 from the A1198. The other slip roads are for emergency only. 


Junction 24: Swavesey

Drivers on the A14 can continue their journey east or west, or join the A1307 local access road to travel either east towards Cambridge or west towards Huntingdon (after scheme completion). 

Junction 25: Bar Hill


Ongoing work:

As it approaches Swavesey, the eastbound carriageway of the bypass will drop a lane and the speed limit will drop from 70mph to 40mph as traffic enters the roadwork area. A 40mph speed limit will remain in place between Swavesey and Milton until the scheme is complete by the end of 2020.

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