The Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership

The Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership (SPEP) is a network of parish councils, groups and individuals running community projects to encourage greener living.  We set up the SPEP in 2009 and continue to run occasional workshops and provide support for a variety of projects.  All residents of South Cambridgeshire are welcome to come along to workshops and access project support.  To join the mailing list email, or use our online form.

Current projects

  • Open Eco Homes - these are a brilliant way of helping people make eco-friendly improvements to their homes.  At Open Eco Homes events, people living in homes with these improvements show them to visitors and share their experiences, both good and bad.  For information contact     
  • Thermal imaging - borrow a thermal imaging camera to do surveys and find out where houses are leaking heat. Training is provided.
  • Energy saving light bulb library - borrow this to encourage householders to upgrade their lighting
  • Home energy improvements discount schemes - organise one of these; learn from the experience of previous schemes, such as eCoton Solar Savers.
  • Village events - help to plan, organise, promote and run events to encourage various aspects of sustainable living 
  • Repair Cafes - these are events where people bring things which need fixing and volunteers fix them.  We can help you set one up in your village.  Visit the repair cafe website to find out more. 

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