Repair Cafes

Repair Cafes bring together people who like fixing things with people who have things which are broken. 

  • A broken vase
  • A jammed paper shredder
  • An old sewing machine which won't sew
  • A desk lamp which doesn't work
  • A pair of trousers with a hole in the knee

All these things can be fixed at a Repair Cafe.

The Council helps volunteers to set up new Repair Cafes.  Working with voluntary organisations, Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Transition Cambridge, who run the successful Cambridge Repair Cafe, we have helped set up Repair Cafes in Histon, Waterbeach, Girton, Fulbourn and Sawston.  Cambridge hardware store Mackays and their suppliers, Draper, have donated a generous toolkit for use at the Repair Cafes.

If you are interested in setting up a Repair Cafe and would like support, or if you would like to volunteer as a repairer, please email or call 01954 713070.

If you have broken items, you can bring them along to one of the Repair Cafes listed below.   There are no promises and no guarantees, but if the repairers have time, and can fix the item, they will do so, free of charge.    To be sure your item is looked at it's best to book it in - you will find how to do this on the Repair Cafe listing.   

Repair Cafes coming up

For details of these, please go to

Repair Cafes operate all over the world.  To find out more, visit

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