Northstowe Community Wing

The Northstowe Community Wing is shut throughout the current period of Lockdown.  

Welcome to the Northstowe Community Wing, a fantastic venue in the heart of Northstowe for all your community events. 

Monday afternoon Microlibrary & Community Cafe

On Mondays between 1pm and 5pm the Microlibrary and Community Cafe is open for you to pop in, read a book and have a chat!  If you want to arrange to meet with other friends please feel free to do so (rule of 6 still applies).

Due to COVID additional restrictions apply:

  • All bookings need to be re-made
  • Unless express permission is granted there is a limit of 6 persons meeting in a socially distanced way (see guidelines for current list of allowed exclusions to the Rule of 6)
  • Community Groups may use the wing Cafe for free on Monday (afternoons and early evenings, pre-booked)  
  • We are only taking paid bookings from existing users of the Wing who we know
  • For paid bookings of the wing we will require you to provide an operational risk assessment
  • While the prices for using the wing are remaining the same, during the pandemic you will not be charged for set-up/set-down time, and you will be expected to leave the Wing as clean as you found it
  • The rules around COVID restrictions respond to the local situation and may change at any time, up-to and including the closure of the Wing 
  • All booking require a physical meeting with Jon London to go through new Wing safety measures

The wing may be booked for events on any day (subject to conditions).

Available Rooms

If you would like to enquire about or book a space in the Wing please complete our online Provisional Booking Form (link below). We will then reserve the room for you and email you a quote and a link to our payment system.  Please pay to confirm the room booking.  Consideration may be given to times other than those given above, subject to agreement from the Management Board. See our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Online provisional booking form

Calendar of Events 

If for any reason you cannot see this calendar of events please have a look at the Plaintext Version.

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