Northstowe Community Forum: 6 November 2019

The Livestream will be available on the Northstowe Facebook page in the 'Videos' section.

Date: Wednesday 6 November 2019

Address: Northstowe Secondary School Stirling Road, Northstowe CB24 1DJ


Drop-in -  6pm to 7pm.  Come along for an informal chat with representatives from:  

  • L & Q Estates (formerly Gallagher Estates) 
  • Homes England
  • South Cambridgeshire District Council
  • Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Strategic Sites Team, Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service
  • Stagecoach East


Presentations: 7pm to 9pm

Approximately 60 people attended the 6 November Northstowe Community Forum, and around 10 people watched online.

With special thanks to Carole Moss, the Head, this forum was held in the state-of-the-art drama studio at the Northstowe Secondary College.

Guided Busway Update   Vanessa Armstrong  – Stagecoach East

The anticipated speaker from Stagecoach, Vanessa Armstrong was unable to attend so Mick Capper the Guided Busway supervisor & colleague Barry O’Callaghan stepped in at very short notice to give a brief update.

  • There will be a big launch of their new operations on the Guided Busway at Tamburlaine hotel on the 28th November.
  • £4.5M has been invested in 12 tri-axle 100 seater buses and 6 deck buses. Staffing on the Busway has gone from 90 staff to 140.
  • More Sunday buses, and later last buses across the week.
  • Significant delays due to track closures have impacted journey times. Stagecoach is not expecting the track to be opened within the next few months.
  • These issues will continue as Histon Road is made one-way for roadworks.
  • Mick also noted that often they only receive 4-5 days of notice of roadworks or trackway closures.
  • There are no plans for extra routes between villages, however new services starting in Northstowe are being planned.
  • Stagecoach anticipate running a small service into phase 2 as soon as the guided busway spur is opened.

 Update on Phase 1 works (22min) Stuart Field – L & Q Estates (Formerly Gallagher Estates)

  • LEAP 3 does not yet have detailed planning permission due to its location.
  • Northern Greenway will be brought forward in 2020 at the same time as the phase 1 water park, spring 2020 start, completion by end of the year.
  • Western Park should be available for use in summer,
  • bowling green to start construction next year
  • Bids have been received for employment land and the sale of the parcel is in process.
  • The plans for the local centre are being drafted currently, planning permission expected sometime 2020.
  • The Phase 1 community building will have an informal pre-app community consultation, and a formal planning consultation.
  • L & Q will look at opening the footpath to Longstanton early.
  • Floodlights for 3G pitch on Western Park have planning permission.
  • Western Park trees should be planted this planting season.
  • Landscaping for Hatton’s Road ponds will be completed after discussions with SCDC are completed.
  • Ongoing management of Kingfisher Pond will be dealt with by the management company. The immediate remedial work to clean scrub may me done by either the management company or by L & Q prior to handover of control.

Development of Land on Station Road, Longstanton (52min) Peter McKeown – Carter Jonas

  • Land was originally part of the contingency area for building the 10,000 houses required in Northstowe but due to density of build this area is now part of residential area.
  • A set of traffic lights will be installed on the B1050 to access this area, with future access to the rest of Phase 3b when it is constructed.
  • Cycle and pedestrian routes will be in place to north and south
  • There will be 40 affordable houses, 60 market houses, a play area and attenuation pond.
  • Planning permission will be sought in the next few months.

Planning Enforcement Update  (1:07) Andrew Thompson – Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service

  • Andrew gave a brief update on the issues raised in the last year.
  • 2 developer-wide steering groups have been held
  • Cameras will be put on the roads around The Green to ensure lorries coming to Northstowe come the right way in alignment with the travel plan.
  • It was noted that Anglian Water is under their own planning authority, and that SCDC cannot interfere.
  • Dead trees in Linden are being taken down, and an extra layer of tarmac is expected on the linden roads.
  • There is space in the education campus for a swimming pool, but no funding at this present time.
  • A ‘quick to use’ planning breach portal for Northstowe is being looked at.

Community Governance Review (1:15) Clare Gibbons – South Cambridgeshire District Council

Clare Gibbons gave a comprehensive overview of the duties and layers of parish, District & County councils, and how this interacts with the current Community Governance Review prompted by the development of Northstowe.

Clare’s update was based on the information on this website. 

Introduction to Research Study by University of Cambridge  (1:33)   Jenna Panter  – University of Cambridge

  • CEDAR are a research group interested in how changes in the physical environment and government policy effect physical activity and health. 
  • 3 studies are going to run over the next year that you may be able to take part in:
    • How local authorities make policies relating to health and wellbeing (Cambridge lead)
    • How experience of environments and policies effect active travel to school (Durham Lead)
    • A pilot and feasibility study to see how financial incentives promote walking, cycling & public transport. (Cambridge lead) – Study starts April.
  • This third study is being run specifically in Northstowe, and is open to those residents who have not taken up their travel plan freebies (1 month free guided bus pass, cycle training or decathlon voucher)
  • This study will look at whether giving the incentives directly without having to ask, or increased incentives will be more impactful than the current system.
  • It should be noted that while all organisations are in contact with each other, this is an academic study, and therefore independent of any surveys being run by local authorities.


Northstowe Round-up (1:45) Jon London  – South Cambridgeshire District Council

  • 474 Northstowe occupations
  • Increasingly Multi-ethnic & Multi-faith.
  • Voter registrations are below average for Northstowe, and you can register to vote here:
  • If your postcode doesn’t work, please fill in a paper copy and email it to

Questions from the Community (1:48)

Where a question from the community directly related to a topic in the agenda that clarification has been included above in the relevant place.  Only non-agenda questions are laid out here.

  • Pathways in Northstowe were raised as an issue. Linden (H12) should have final levels of tarmac installed shortly, and guided busway temporary path is being looked at with a view to re-rolling and de-weeding.
  • Philip Harker was asked to give a brief update on Phase 2 works
    • Phase2a planning application is s/3499/19/rm, marketing suite is s/3966/fl
    • Plans should be going to committee in the new year
    • Assuming all goes according to plan construction will commence spring/summer with first occupations in Autumn.
    • Construction traffic will access the plot via the southern access road from the A14
    • Southern Access road should be open to the public by autumn (but may not be adopted).
    • Water parks on Phase 2 will be open for public amenity summer 2020, but planting may block them.
    • Aspiration is that they will be accessible for open water swimming
    • Wooden streetlamps are going to be in place on the path to Rampton Drift within the next 3 months.
  • Public Bins for Northstowe phase 1 will go on the main road routes & formal park (No timeline given)
  • Bins on the Green were discussed – after the forum this was clarified by L & Q to state that they are responsible for emptying the bins on The Green.
  • Requests for better mobile telephone coverage, a post box & better lighting on Wellington Road were raised by members of the community.

The next forum will be on the 22 January, at the Community Wing.

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