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Hello, I am Rachel from Strategic Leisure and as Liz has mentioned we have been commissioned to advise South Cambridgeshire District Council on future management arrangements for the community centre and the pavilion. As part of this process we would really like as many residents as possible to share their views with us and the Council. These facilities are important local assets for the community and your views on the sort of activities and management arrangements are key to ensuring the success of the facilities in the future. As you are probably aware, there is some temporary community space within the primary school but this consultation is for 2 permanent facilities - the community centre facility, which is due to be located in the Local Centre and the pavilion with new sports pitches (grass and synthetic turf). I will hand you over to my colleague Kay who will outline the practicalities of the surveys.

Hello, and thank you for listening so far, and now I would like to move on to the surveys themselves. There are 2 surveys which we would like to invite you to complete, one is for the community centre and the other is for the pavilion and sports pitches. Both surveys ask your view on activities, management arrangements and future representation from the local community. Feel free to tick as many boxes as you feel appropriate in the surveys and one of the questions will ask you to rank what is important to you. Please also encourage other members of your family, neighbours and friends to complete the surveys; it should only take a couple of minutes of your time per survey and your involvement and opinion really does matter. It will ensure that the community of Northstowe enjoys these fantastic new facilities for many years to come.

Thank you for your help.

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