Zero Carbon Communities Grant - preview of questions

The Zero Carbon Communities Grant supports voluntary and community sector groups, charities and parish councils seeking to deliver bold, ambitious projects that engage communities and support the aim of zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Applications are invited for grants of between £1,000 and £15,000 for projects which are intended to achieve:

  1.  community engagement around climate change and the environment, and

  2. one or more of the following:
    • reduction in carbon emissions
    • reduction in energy use
    • generation of renewable energy or heat
    • promotion of sustainable travel
    • reduction in use of resources
    • increased recycling and/or waste reduction

Grant funding can be used for capital items and/or for project costs including staff time.

A1: Name of organisation

A2: Address of organisation

A3: Contact name and position (including address if different from above)

A4: Telephone number

A5: Email

B1: What does your organisation do?

B2: Is your organisation a charity or a constituted group? If a charity, please provide your charity number

B3: Does your organisation have a bank account?

B4: Is your organisation affiliated to another body?

B5: Does your organisation work with children, young people and/or vulnerable adults? If yes, please provide a copy of your safeguarding policy with your application.

B6: Does your organisation have appropriate insurance in plan for this project?

C1: Name of project

C2: Are you working with any other organisations on this project? Please give details.

C3: Please describe your project

C4: Which parish(es) will benefit from the project?

C5: In what way will the project engage the community around climate change and the environment?

C6: List the intended environmental outcomes you expect your project to achieve with estimated values where possible

C7: Please tell us about the capacity and resources of your organisation to deliver the project in the specified timescales

C8: Please indicate an approximate date when your project is likely to be undertaken/started.

C9: Does your organisation own the premises where the project is planned?

C10: If you are planning work to rented facilities, how long is the lease? Do you have permission from the owner / leaseholder?

C11: Does your project require any regulatory consent?


D1: Does your parish council support your project? If so, please give details

D2: Do you hope to have other sources of funding? If so, please give details

D3: Please give a breakdown of project costs. If you obtained more than one quote please upload these at the end of the form.

D4: What is the total project cost?

D5: How much are you asking for from the Zero Carbon Communities grant?


E1: Is your District Councillor in favour of the project? 

E2: Please give details

1. A copy of your organisation's constitution or mission statement (except parish councils)

2. A copy of your latest accounts (audited if available)

3. A copy of any quote/quotes for your project

Other supporting documents

1. Public rights of way consent from landowner

2. Completed Community Building Energy Self Survey (if completed)

3. A copy of your organisation's safeguarding policy

4. Any other material you feel would support this application (this may include a professional energy survey or audit if you have had one completed)

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