Mobile Warden Scheme grants: Guidance notes

Applications for the Mobile Warden scheme have now closed. Thank you to those who have applied, we will be in touch should we require any further information.

Mobile and Community Wardens Schemes (sometimes called Community Care Schemes) are set up in South Cambridgeshire to support older people to live independently in their homes and in the community they know, and which knows them.

For the period 2020-2022 we are offering full grant funding to introduce new schemes across the District, via an application process.

The warden schemes are complementary to statutory care services and do not duplicate or replace the medical or social care services. They can help to combat loneliness and social isolation by providing meaningful daily contact with a trusted person. The service can provide significant benefits to clients at relatively low cost and are seen by clients and their families as a vital community-based service.

We have been providing grant funding to Mobile and Community Warden Schemes for many years.

Timescales and deadlines

 The following table outlines the various stages of the application and decision-making process:

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Scheme open for applications

1 June 2020

Deadline for applications

5pm 17 July 2020

Allocation of funding decided

9 August 2020

Organisations notified of funding decisions

By 23 August 2020

Grants paid

1 September 2020


Please note: We will be happy to discuss the following with small groups and start-ups.

In order to be eligible to receive funding, organisations must:

  • Be set up for charitable (not-for-profit), benevolent or philanthropic purposes.

  • Decide policy and overall management practice through a committee of elected, unpaid volunteers (a management committee or board of trustees).

  • Have a constitution, mission statement or set of rules, aims and procedures.

  • Meet relevant legal responsibilities, including those of an employer, and adopt, implement and monitor good employment practices, including having relevant insurances to cover operations.

  • Research and meet the needs of South Cambridgeshire residents and be open to all eligible users as defined by the constitution or rules.

  • Have systems and structures in place to manage their affairs efficiently, hold regular meetings to plan and monitor activities, keep minutes and circulate information to group members.

  • Involve users and members in policy-making and management, where appropriate.

  • Recruit and support volunteers in line with a volunteer’s policy, where appropriate.

  • Adopt appropriate child and vulnerable adult protection, health and safety and Disclosure and Barring Scheme (DBS) checking policies.

  • Ensure appropriate training for paid and voluntary staff, and the management committee or board of trustees, for example, safeguarding and scams awareness

  • Prepare budgets, keep relevant financial records (adhere to Making Tax Digital if relevant), monitor income and expenditure at least quarterly and prepare proper accounts. If part of a national or regional organisation, please only provide information relating to your branch. 

  • Please provide evidence of a ‘business’ account for the organisation, and of two cheque signatories. Please also submit your current audited accounts and annual report. 

  • Demonstrate a need for financial help. You will be asked for details of your policy on unrestricted reserves, based on Charity Commission guidelines.

  • Charge service users at an appropriate rate in line with other local services, where applicable. We will not subsidise projects that are deemed to be under or over-charging clients.
  • Only one application per organisation will be accepted. If in doubt, applicants should seek advice before making their application as changes cannot be made after the closing date for the scheme.

  • Grant funding can be used for core costs and project costs where there is an identified and evidenced need.

  • Applications will be accepted from individual organisations and from consortia, where one lead agency has been identified. For consortium applications, details must be given throughout of all partners involved and how grant funding will be allocated.  The lead agency must consider funds held on behalf of partners as ‘restricted’.

  • Organisations in receipt of funding will need to submit monitoring information, details of which will appear in accompanying funding agreements and grant paperwork. Lead agencies in consortium applications will be responsible for monitoring project and financial information on behalf of partners.

  • Funded organisations are expected to credit us in any literature and to use our logo where appropriate. Logos will be provided.

  • We endeavour to put in place joint funding agreements and monitoring processes with other relevant funders where this is of benefit to the funded organisation.
  • The anticipated contract duration is for 2 years and is for full funding for the Service. Thereafter, contributions to funding for the continuation of the service would be applied for via the existing grant application process; this is not expected to cover full service running costs.
  • Funding agreements include a termination / variation clause which may result in the recouping of unused or misused funds. We will endeavour to ensure Compact compliance at all times.
  • Applicants are encouraged to complete their application form online. If this is not possible please contact us for assistance.

  • Applicants are required to complete all relevant sections of the form rather than attaching reports. This enables us to make a fair assessment of your organisation and eligibility for funding. 

  • Sections 2(g) and 3(d) ask for details of the geographical area/s your organisation’s work covers. Please give information pertaining to South Cambridgeshire on a Ward or Parish basis, or state that the work will take place ‘district wide’ where relevant.

  • For help with your application form please contact Ellen Bridges or call 01223 752455.

  • Your application form must be submitted by the deadline of 5pm 17 July 2020. We regret that applications received after this date will not be considered.

  • Please keep a record of your application number for future reference.

  • All applications will be acknowledged by post or email within 10 working days of receipt. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please call to check that your application has been received.

  • Funding allocations will be confirmed on 9 August 2020 and organisations notified in writing by 23 August 2020

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