Funding for household energy saving measures

Funding to help low income households with the cost of replacing inefficient boilers and installing insulation is available through a government scheme called ECO (Energy Company Obligation). Private companies doing this work can access funding from the energy companies and, if households meet the eligibility criteria, use it to provide the work at reduced cost or, in some cases, at no cost to the householder.

Householders may be contacted directly by companies offering the possibility of replacement boilers and/or insulation funded through the scheme. Alternatively, eligible householders can find a company to do this work by contacting their gas or electricity supplier, visiting the National Insulation Association website, or asking neighbours for local recommendations.

For some ECO funding, local councils are able to set the qualifying criteria through a scheme called ECO Flexible Eligibility. You can find our criteria here. Where this is the case, the company providing the work will ask the Council to verify the eligibility of households before they start work.

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