Crime prevention

The power of local residents within your community should not be overlooked.

There are many ways in which local residents can have greater effect on the problem than you realise.

A great example is the Gamlingay Community Safety Group.


Case study

Gamlingay saw an increase in car crime June 2019 with cars broken into, wheels stolen off cars, the church roof lead was stolen as well as well as mindless vandalism throughout the village.A group of people wearing high-vis jackets standing around a stall

One evening, after a Parish Council meeting was held to find a solution for these issues, a group of 8 residents exchanged phone numbers and the Gamlingay Community Safety Group was born.

By liaising with appropriate agencies, they gather trusted and accurate information to be communicated to their residents. Their goal is to raise awareness via schemes, leaflets, posters and their Gamlingay Community safety Group facebook page, to support residents and businesses to access information and advice on how to keep their property and possessions safe. They also liaise with government agencies to advocate on behalf of the village for additional resources.

The group’s main form of communication is through holding stalls at various events in the village, outside the local supermarket, Christmas fayres and Gamlingay shows, providing crime prevention and anti-SCAMS information and awareness.  Some of the items they sell on their stands are purse dipping bells, personal alarms, key blockers, contactless cards protector,  as well as number plate anti tamper screws, all supplied by a trusted supplier.

Their main funding comes from a local village fund, but they also generate income from sales of prevention items as well as donations. They created a group logo and have printed high-vis vests and identification badges for all members.

The group have now brought Neighbourhood Watch into their village and are building close relationships with Rural Watch.


Not everything can be dealt with within your local community. The police are still there to help.

If it doesn’t feel right please talk to them:

  • Call 101
  • Online at
  • Textphone 18001 101

A large number of concerns within local communities are often deeply entrenched and this may affect your confidence in reporting matters. If you don’t feel comfortable providing your details you can report anonymously via Crime stoppers:

  • Call 0800 555 111
  • Online at


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