Community safety toolkit

Community Safety toolkit

Community Safety is about helping local people to keep safe and feel safe where they live, study or work. 

There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests come together to work towards the same goal. 

Do you have a community safety group? A happy community

YES [insert links to 'I would like to know more about'] 

NO [insert links to section explaining how to galvanise your community and engage members] 

Don't Know [insert link to contact council]



What concerns do you have in your community? 

A group of teenagers committing anti-social behaviour

  • Anti social behaviour [Link through to anti-social behaviour page] 
  • Crime prevention [link through to crime prevention page]
  • Reaching my community [Link through to reaching my community page]
  • Loneliness and social isolations [link to loneliness and social isolations page]
  • SCAMS [link through to scams] 
  • Road related concerns [link through to road related concerns page]
  • Making the environment feel safer [link through to making the environment feel safer page]

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