Anti-social behaviour

Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) can be reported to the Police by calling the non-emergency number 101 or by calling 999.

Alternatively, if you rent your property from the District Council or a Housing Association, you can contact your landlord to report it.

The issues you report will be logged and investigated further by the agency you have contacted. You may be asked to complete some diary sheets to help build up a picture or a problem. In the most complex or serious cases, information reported to us will be shared across a number of agencies at our monthly meetings to identify the best course of action.

Not happy? Use the Community Trigger

If you feel that the anti-social behaviour you have reported to any of the partner agencies has not been dealt with properly, you (or someone acting on your behalf with your permission) can make an application to have the case reviewed. This is known as the Community Trigger, where we will look at every aspect of the specific case to establish whether all available and appropriate actions were carried out.

Since launching the Community Trigger in October 2014, we have had 4 trigger requests:

  • Number of applications made: 4
  • Number of times decided that threshold met: 3
  • Number of ASB case reviews carried out: 3
  • Number of ASB case reviews where recommendations made: 3
  • One application was incorrectly made to us, which was subsequently referred to the correct authority area.

Please refer to the Community Trigger process for further information.

To start the Community Trigger process please complete the online form.

The Community Trigger is not for:

  • making agencies aware of a new case/ incident of anti social behaviour. Instead please follow the advice above
  • making complaints against specific individuals who may have input on a case

Complaints of this nature should be made through the relevant agency’s formal complaints procedure.

Reporting Hate Incidents and Hate Crimes

If you need to report a Hate Incident or Hate Crime please see the hate crime guidance and advice from Cambridgeshire Constabulary.


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