Histon and Impington Older Persons Coordinator

Histon and Impington Older Persons Coordinator are employed by local charity HICOM to work 30 hours per week supporting elderly residents. 

As well as meeting with older people and their families and signposting them to existing services such as meals on wheels, emergency pendants and handy persons schemes, she supports existing voluntary initiatives such as village groups for stroke survivors, singing and exercise, and encourages the formation of new ones. 

She also writes regular articles for the local village newsletter and attends the doctors surgery for a weekly session where she is on hand to meet residents and provide information. 

The Village Older Peoples worker is now supported by a Village Dementia Support worker.

How did they get started?

In 2010, one of the HICOM (Histon and Impington Community) charity trustees, Neil Davies, put forward an idea for a Village Older Persons Worker to help enhance the quality of life for older residents in the villages of Histon and Impington.

HICOM was already a very active established local charity and in 2011 they recruited a local lady, Jean Newman, to the post of Older Persons Worker.

Her role, to address four key issues:

  • An increase in the number of older people in the community
  • an increase in the elderly being encouraged to stay in their own homes
  • a reduction in wardens in sheltered units, and
  • increased feelings of isolation and loneliness amongst the elderly.

How is it funded? 

A mix of the Village Parish Council support plus community fundraising and groups.

Who helped with advice and guidance?

Village stakeholder groups originally met to discuss the project and have been regularly involved since.

For further information, contact Neil Davies by telephone on 01223 232514.

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