What are Men's Sheds?

Men's Sheds are places to enjoy making and mending in a sociable environment, where members can build friendships as well as share knowledge and skills.

Men’s Sheds are an idea from Australia where several were set up in the 1990s in order to promote greater social activity, improved mental health and better physical well-being for men.  Despite the name, they don’t need to be men only, and they don’t need to take place in a shed. 

RamShed is a Men’s Shed in Ramsay, which is open 3 times a week, with its members working on various projects for their local community. 

How did they get started?

Mick Arthur set up Ramsey’s Men’s Shed following a trip to Australia in March 2017, where he saw one in operation. He returned to England with inspiration to start his own shed and started RamShed.

He initially consulted with The Royal Voluntary Service and UK Men's Shed Association, in order to get set up.

He successfully applied to ASDA for a start-up grant then advertised in the local paper. He found 4 enthusiastic “shedders” to help him set up a committee and spread the word.

Mick has been extremely lucky with premises, a local farmer offered the group space in an empty barn which they have renovated.

They now meet 3 times a week doing various projects for their landlord, the council and local community groups.

How is it funded?

Ramshed was really lucky with funding, successfully applying to ASDA for £1000. They used this to install the electrics and buy some basic tools and equipment.

Members are asked to pay a £30 per annum subscription.

A £1 per visit levy is requested if they are working on personal project, this levy is waived when working on Ramshed projects.

RamShed pay £15 per annum to maintain their membership to the Men’s Shed Association.

Who helped with advice and guidance?

RamShed got support from the UK Men’s Shed Association and the Royal Voluntary Service.

Guidance for setting up your own Men's Shed

Excellent support is available from the UK Men’s Shed Association, who can help you find existing Sheds in your area, provide advice and guidance on starting a shed by phone and email and provide access to their Starting a Shed guide and health and safety templates. Joining the Association is inexpensive and brings additional benefits.

Support is also offered by the Royal Voluntary Service. They have a Sheds Grants Fund, thanks to funding from the ASDA Foundation, which provides small scale funding to Sheds looking for help with either set up or early development costs.

You may be able to get a grant for start-up costs such as training or furniture from our Community Chest Grant

For more information contact Alex Barrett on 07990 525 810 or cambridge.mensshed@gmail.com.   

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