Histon and Impington Community Minibus

What is the Histon and Impington Community Minibus?

Histon and Impington Community (HICOM) is a registered charity who run the HICOM Minibus.

The minibus is used to provide door-to-door services for elderly residents, to help them get to local shops and to the Doctors surgery. 

One shopping trip is scheduled per week with the destinations rotating between: Aldi/Iceland, Tesco, Morrisons and the Village centre. Residents book their place by calling the transport co-ordinator. There is also a dedicated Doctors Surgery service that is run on Thursday mornings and residents can call the Surgery in order to book this.

When not in use for regular trips the minibus is available for local community and youth groups, organisations, sport teams and charities. It is usually available in the evenings and weekends.

How did they get started?

Histon and Impington have had a minibus to benefit the elderly in our community since 1976. The Red Cross purchased one using a bequest from a local resident. This was replaced in 1991 using the bequest and funds from the Histon Feast. 

HICOM was formed in 1998 as a result of the Red Cross bus ceasing operation. HICOM purchased their own bus as a replacement.

A legacy was passed down from the Red Cross, along with a successful application to the National Lottery, allowed HICOM to purchase the first of the now familiar blue buses. 

How is it funded? 

A donation is requested from each resident for the shopping trips.  The Thursday morning doctors surgery service costs are paid by the surgery.

A mileage charge of 80p per mile is made for group usage.

Who helped with advice and guidance?

Community Transport Association (CTA) and County Council Community Transport

For more information visit the HICOM website or for an informal chat on setting up your own community minibus, contact Neil Davies on 01223 232514.

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