Zero Carbon Communities energy surveys for community buildings

Zero Carbon Communities energy surveys for community buildings

In rounds two and three of the ZCC grant, we partnered with Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) to provide Free Energy Surveys for community buildings within South Cambridgeshire.
Groups were able to apply to receive a review of their energy usage at their Community Building, including advice on how to improve its energy efficiency.

Applications for the scheme have now closed.

Eastern New Energy

Eastern New Energy (ENE) helps community organisations by providing support and advice on energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, and storage. They can provide help and support through their delivery partners. More information is available on their website, or by emailing 

Further information

  • PECT is fully compliant with Covid-19 restrictions, PECT Energy Advisors will wear masks and gloves whilst onsite, taking photos of the building and equipment as required
  • PECT has a Quality Assurance Policy and aims to develop a full understanding of the needs of their clients, funders and partners, openly discussing the individual requirements of every contract to ensure clients are fully satisfied with their work.
  • Data will be collected and stored in accordance with GDPR requirements.
  • PECT has the following insurance:
    (1) Employer’s Liability Insurance = £10M
    (2) Public Liability Insurance = £5M
    (3) Professional Indemnity Insurance = £2M
  • PECT has a formal procedure for managing the risk of lone working and working outside of the office environment and have a system in place for completing risk assessments and communicating these risks to relevant workers.

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