Tree Planting Notes and Terms & Conditions

Delivery and storage

All 6 trees should be planted as soon as possible for the best chance of survival, ideally on the day of delivery for bare root trees (but if this is not possible, please store undercover in their packaging for up to one week). If planting needs to be delayed further, bare rooted trees can be 'heeled in' to protect the roots and planted by end of February. This involves digging a shallow trench, placing the roots into it and covering them over with soil. Pot grown trees can be kept upright, watered and planted within 8 weeks of delivery.

Things to remember when planting

Container Trees

Please ensure your trees are single staked, secured with a tie and the stem protected with a rabbit spiral. They should be watered during dry periods with regular watering for the first 3 years. Do not plant too deep, the surface of the pot should be at ground level. See the notes for large tree planting on the link below.

Bareroot Trees

Remove grass and weeds first. Then either slit (cut soil with spade in a ‘T’ and lift turf up to slot in the tree roots) or dig a pit (small hole). The holes only need to be large enough for the roots to comfortably be underground to the same depth that they were in the nursery (look for a ‘root collar’ above the roots). Once planted, secure all around with your boot, then push in the bamboo securely alongside the plant and carefully wrap the rabbit spiral around both from the ground upwards to give support and rabbit protection. Watering will be required during prolonged dry periods for the first 1-2 years.

Keep all trees weed free (mulch such as composted bark or a mulch mat can be used) to stop competition from weeds and grass.

Further Advice

Terms & Conditions of Planting

Trees must be planted on South Cambridgeshire Parish Council land, except where no Parish Council owned land is suitable, in which case trees can be planted on land owned by a Charity or on County Council land with written permission. Trees supplied through the scheme are not intended for private gardens.

Participants undertake to send a photo of their planted tree/s to, and give consent for South Cambridgeshire District Council to use these photos for promotional purposes.

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