Can travel in a conventional car be replaced by bicycle, public transport, or electric vehicle? Or can it be reduced, for example, by use of virtual meetings? Or use car share schemes? Could you provide bikes or electric bikes for staff as they carry out any work-related trips. Where a car or van is needed consider using electric only?

There are currently two main schemes that help employees finance new bikes. They are an employee benefit that saves employees money on a bike and accessories. You pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken tax efficiently from your salary by your employer. The scheme are: Bikes 2 Work  and Cycle Scheme 

Organisation’s fleet

Decarbonising your fleet is a good way of reducing emissions - and it is completely within your control making it slightly easier to implement than other behavioural changes

If you switch to electric vehicles, government currently has a range of grants available, including a specific "Workplace ChargePoint Scheme" to subsidise the costs to purchase and install EV ChargePoints for staff and fleet use. 

You might also consider other types of transportation - for those shorter journeys do you need a car at all?  Consider whether a pool-bike scheme or using cargo-bikes for first or last mile deliveries work for you?

Energy Saving Trust has some useful resources around sustainable transport for businesses and organisations, and can provide a free fleet review. 

Case study: Great Abington Parish Council

Free e-bike trials for residents of Great or Little Abington and Hildersham.

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