Solar photo voltaic (PV)

Solar PV panels are made from photovoltaic cells, grouped together in modules which capture the sun's energy and convert it into electricity.

The Energy Saving Trust have developed a Solar Energy Calculator to gain an idea as to what financial benefits you may see from installing a solar PV system.


Solar panels with the clouds reflecting on them

Solar Together Cambridgeshire 

We are working with Cambridgeshire County Council to deliver Solar Together Cambridgeshire, a group-buying scheme to help you purchase high-quality and competitively priced solar panels and battery storage systems for solar panels. The scheme launched on 1 September 2020. Visit our Solar Together webpage to find out more.

Battery Storage for Solar PV:

Battery storage is often used alongside solar PV. It allows surplus electricity generated by solar panels to be stored for later use e.g. in the evenings rather than exported to the National Grid.

 The Centre for Sustainable Energy have some useful advice if you would like to find out more.

Case Study: eCoton Solar Savers:

Coton residents [PDF, 0.3MB] set up a bulk purchase scheme in order to increase local uptake of solar pv panels.

Case Study: Reach Community Solar Farm

The solar farm is owned and run by a co-operative of local people, and generates enough clean, green electricity to power 50 houses - about half the village. A community solar farm which installed 1000 solar panels on approximately 5 acres of farmland. Read more about the Reach Community Solar Farm journey. 

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