Climate and environment fortnight 2021 events

Climate and environment fortnight

The week of Monday 22 February, we held a Climate and Environment Fortnight. This included a series of webinars to help people think about how to live more sustainably, reduce carbon emissions and in turn help tackle climate change. The links to the event recording are included below. 


Greener businesses, Thursday 25 February

This event was aimed at anyone with an interest in making businesses greener and more sustainable for the future while saving money. If you were unable to attend you can still view our Greener Businesses event recording.

Sustainable farming in Cambridgeshire, Friday 26 February

This event was aimed at farmers, rural landowners, policy makers, other expert participants and those interested in practical solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss. It included a film following 5 local commercial farmers and how they are adapting their farming practices to help cut carbon and double nature. If you missed this event you can still watch the film “From the Ground up”.

Greening your older home, Tuesday 16 March

If you have an older home or listed property and are interested in what green improvements you could make, you can watch a recording of the greening your older home webinar recording. You can also view the Q&A's from the greening your older home session [PDF, 93Kb].

Shrinking your carbon footprint, Wednesday 3 March

Are you interested in reducing your environmental impact and living more sustainably but not sure where to begin? You aren’t alone. This event talked about carbon footprints, shrinking our carbon emissions and living more sustainably. If you missed the session you can still watch a shrinking your carbon footprint event recording.

Food for our Future workshop, Thursday 4 March

We throw away 4.5 million tonnes of edible food each year from our homes. With 30% of Global Greenhouse gasses coming from food production, food waste is feeding climate change. This was a 1 hour workshop from Cambridge Sustainable Food. Watch the Food for our Future workshop recording

School Streets - a greener way to travel, Friday 5 March   

This was the last in our series of events. Camcycle talked about their exciting School Streets scheme to support and encourage safer environments around schools to enable more people to walk and cycle while also helping to reduce carbon emissions. If you missed the event you can watch school streets- a greener way to travel event recording. 

We can talk to you about recycling and reducing waste in your community

Did you know that we can help your school or community learn more about recycling and reducing waste? If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, please email or call Birgitta on 07525 213 774.

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