Build back cleaner air campaign- take part

Global Action Plan are running a Build Back Cleaner Air campaign for the first few weeks of May 2020. 


The Coronavirus crisis and lockdown measures has had an unprecedented impact on our health and freedom. However, these circumstances have also resulted in a rare opportunity to change the way we are living and reconsider what we want to return to as we emerge from lockdown. As unwelcome as this situation is, we must take this chance to decide what our new “normal” will be.  When we return from lockdown, we do not want to bring back the poor air quality with us. In order achieve this, we need to encourage government and businesses to do everything they can to avoid a sudden surge in air pollution as “normal” life resumes.

Get involved

Global Action Plan are asking the UK public to share their feedback and experiences during lockdown in the form of videos and photos. 

Suggestions, include:

  • how reduced road traffic has affected your daily life. 
  • how you are embracing walking and cycling, both as a form of exercise and transport. 
  • local shops, cafes, restaurants, and businesses have you noticed and are really looking forward to visiting when lockdown is over. 
  • how you are embracing working from home with your flatmates and family.
  • any reflections on what you want to see after the lockdown eases for clean air. 

The videos and photos will build an evidence bank which will demonstrate the kind of change we want to see. 

Videos, photos and messages can be shared via social media channels using #BuildBackCleanerAir or emailed to: However, please do only take part if you are able to do so safely, and following government social distancing guidelines.

More information on the campaign can be found on Build Back Cleaner Air

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