The Business Hub

The Business Hub

Our Business Hub provides you with bespoke advice, risk assessments, training and a single point of contact to help your business meet its regulatory requirements.

It can help you comply with legislation and achieve the best practice in the following areas:


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  • Health and safety
  • Food safety
  • Licensing
  • Fire safety
  • Trading standards

We have highly qualified and experienced officers who are on hand to provide you with consistent and tailored advice that takes account of the latest changes to regulations. Our advice is commercially confidential and we can access the best practice from across the country.

We can help your business manage risk and achieve greater success by:

  • Reducing your compliance costs
  • Avoiding future regulatory problems and unnecessary fines
  • Raising your standards
  • Safeguarding its reputation, customers and staff

When you contact our Environmental Health and Licensing teams they will provide you with some initial advice and support. This will generally signpost you to organisations and websites where you can access the advice and information that you require to meet your business’s regulatory requirements.

If you take the next step and sign up to the Business Hub, one of our experts can give you bespoke advice on your particular area of concern. They can visit your business to help you to review your existing practices and suggest improvements and they can support you in developing or revising your plans and policies, completing up appropriate documentation and training your staff.

The Business Hub is a partnership between South Cambridgeshire District Council Environmental Health and Licensing, Cambridgeshire County Council Trading Standards and Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue.

You can take advantage of our Business Hub offer either by becoming a Primary Authority partner or simply by completing our form today.

To become a Primary Authority partner you will need to sign an agreement with South Cambridgeshire District Council. No money is required up front, you can simply contact us when you need our advice and support. We can help you with planning in advance or in responding to issues as and when they arise. There is a charge for Trading Standards.

The information that we provide your business is 'assured'. This means that once the advice has been implemented your business can have confidence that it is compliant and that another regulator, for example if you have a business premises elsewhere in England, can't require it to comply in a different way.

Our Primary Authority service is charged at cost. Advice at an early stage can help you save money.

If you would prefer more flexible approach, you can simply contact us up and ask for advice as and when you need to. We can then provide advice and support on a chargeable consultancy basis.

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