How your business can help

Help the government increase coronavirus testing capacity

The government wants help from businesses to increase testing capacity in the UK as part of its strategy to protect the NHS and save lives. They are asking businesses to:

The many ways your manufacturing business could help

The institute for Manufacturing (IfM) in Cambridge is maintaining an up-to-date list of the many ways that manufacturing businesses can help the UK respond to the Coronavirus outbreak both nationally and locally. The opportunities to help range from responding to national funding calls, to manufacturing or donating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or other equipment to volunteering your knowledge and expertise.

Funding for space enabled solutions to the Coronavirus crisis

An initial £2.6 million is being made available to fund a number of projects to develop hi-tech solutions to the challenges created by the Coronavirus crisis, in a joint initiative with the European Space Agency (ESA) in support of NHS England. The space-enabled solutions could include satellite communications, satellite navigation, Earth observation satellites or technology derived from human spaceflight. The funding is for projects which will address at least one of the following:

  • Logistics within the health delivery system, for example, with drone deliveries
  • Managing infectious disease outbreaks
  • Population health and wellbeing
  • Recovering health system function and handling backlogs after the crisis
  • Preparedness for future epidemics

Emergency funding for food redistribution

Funding is available from WRAP and Defra to assist surplus non-for-profit food redistributors in overcoming challenges that they are currently facing in obtaining surplus food from food businesses (such as retailers and food manufacturers) and distributing this to people in need or those considered vulnerable. The grant can be used to fund both capital and revenue costs associated with redistribution activities such as:

  • access to surplus food through logistical collections
  • sorting, storing, freezing, labelling / repackaging food
  • onward distribution of food to charities or end beneficiaries

Get funding for ideas that address COVID-19

Funding of up to 80% of project costs is available from UK Research and Innovation for short-term projects that address and mitigate the health, social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. Excellent proposals of 12-18 months duration will be supported which meet at least one of the following:

  • new research or innovation with a clear impact pathway that has the potential (within the period of the grant) to deliver a significant contribution to the understanding of, and response to, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts
  • supports the manufacture and/or wide scale adoption of an intervention with significant potential
  • gathers critical data and resources quickly for future research use.

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